Welcome to our common carrier streaming service, BlackBIRD. With our service, you can reach our growing audience through our BlackBox streaming device. Unlike other carriers, this is a fully open platform, accessible to anyone who generates and/or distributes content. The service is easy to use, with a drag-and-drop interface and requires very little in terms of financial investment. We are even partial to revenue share agreements, allowing you to start without having to spend a single shilling. All you have to do is arrange your content as you want it streamed, push it to us and let us handle the rest.

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* Please note that we will not carry any adult material, political content or religious content. THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE!!!
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Name of the operator as it would appear on our BlackBox menu
Do you carry content on behalf of another party, or do you generate your own content? Both options are also acceptable if you run a mix of the two.
Services Details
What services would you like to run? You can request all services if you want to be a multi-service provider.
Is your content freely accessible by all our customers or are you running Premium Services? We will collect all revenues on your behalf.

*Please note, Premium Services are billed per device not per profile on a device.
If you are a live or linear operator, we can localise your advertisements based on demographics, location and language. During a live transmission, when the advertisement segment arrives, depending on who is watching, we can split the stream and serve different customers at the same time, thus allowing you to serve different ads at the same time.

*Please note that in Revenue Share models, revenue is split per advertisement, not per segment.
We run a 70/30 split.You, the provider collect 70% of all revenues generated by your services. All payments are released every 30 days after billing.
From which location would you like to operate your service? You can collocate your streaming server in one of our data centres, host using our servers or provide your own service managed by a separate host.
When would you like to start the service? This gives us a rough idea of when to push your service details to all our BlackBoxes.